Just Do It! Exercising During Pregnancy

From The Pulse and Gale’s Health and Wellness Resource Center

As recently as a decade ago, a pregnant woman at the gym might get strange looks and comments to exercise caution instead. But now the medical community has embraced the value of exercise for pregnant women, and, as a result, women are looking for information and guidance. How much is enough? How much is too much?

A quest for information about exercising during pregnancy should begin with a woman’s health care provider. Certain complications,comorbid health conditions, or carrying multiples, might be reasons for a pregnant woman to avoid exercise. But several pregnancy web sites offer advice and support for women with uncomplicated pregnancies who want to stay as fit as possible.

Fitpregnancy.com: The only version of Fit Pregnancy, a magazine devoted to pregnancy fitness, includes information and tips not only about exercise,but about nutrition and all other aspects of pregnancy. The archived article on “The Truth About Prenatal Exercise”,which busts several myths including: pregnant women shouldn’t engage in strength training,pregnant women should avoid all abdominal exercise, and women runners who become pregnant should immediately stop running.

Some resources for specific types of pregnancy workouts can be found at Fitpregnancy.com, including a water exercise workout.

Babycenter.com: This user-friendly web site offers the 13 Rules of Safe Pregnancy Exercise, a list of common-sense tips that include staying hydrated, avoiding exercise in hot weather,and not lying flat on your back for extended periods of time after the first trimester.

Modernathena.com: This blog by a fitness coach and mom can boost a mom-to-be’s confidence in her ability to exercise safely. Although it’s essential that your health care provider know you are exercising, some are overly cautious about exercise during pregnancy.

Whattoexpect.com: The online version of the popular pregnancy book, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” features an archive of tips and encouragement about exercise during pregnancy. The What to Expect arguments in favor of exercise include improving stress, keeping weight gain in a healthy range, and making it easier to get back into shape after delivery.

Runnersworld.com: For pregnant runners, runnersworld.com features an archive of articles about running and pregnancy in its Women’s Running section. Topics addressed on this website include tips for safe running during pregnancy, nutrition advice, and inspirational stories about moms who got back into running (and racing shape) after pregnancy.

Women who want a book or DVD can check out Exercise for Pregnant Women in the Library Catalog where you will find books, eBooks and DVDs.

And don’t forget to checkout the resources found in Health and Wellness Resource Center – Exercising during Pregnancy.

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