Happy Digital Learning Day!

Incorporating eBooks into your lesson plan

On February 1st faculty, teachers and students from all across America will partake in a national celebration of technology.  The first annual Digital Learning Day is dedicated to engaging students and teachers with the newest technologies available in the educational world.
The founders have created the website Digital Learning Day full of great ideas, tool kits and showcases of school districts that are using digital media and advanced technologies to further their students’ educations.  There will even be a town hall meeting you can register for to learn more about the digital learning movement put on by the Alliance for Excellent Education.

If you aren’t able to institute any of their innovative lesson plans, I have some simple ideas for you to use with your students:

  • During silent reading, instead of having students pull out text books, have them check out a title from our digital collection in the eMedia Catalog.
  • Pull up a title on an Interactive White Board for open discussion about sentence structure and parts of speech.  Allow students to highlight favorite or important quotations.
  • Assign a book report using an eBook from the Always Available collection.
  • If you’re just getting started with our digital collection service, spend 15 minutes at the end of class walking your students through the process. You can find lots of help using our eMedia Catalog at eRead Me Vegas – FAQs, Tips and Tricks.

Digital learning day may be February 1st, but incorporating technology into your lesson plans can be a day-to-day exercise.  Whether it’s keeping your students engaged with the Virtual Library or by using Digital Learning Day’s great website tool kits, there are endless ways to keeping your classroom ahead of the curve.


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