Looking for Something Good to Read?

As you settle into the New Year, you might be thinking about all of the wonderful things that 2011 brought. Among them were some great debut novels from authors you’re sure to hear about again in the future. You can mine reviews in NoveList to create a list of debut titles published in 2011. To get started go to NoveList then:

  1. Click on the Advanced Search link under the Search For box on the homepage.
  2. Type the word debut in the top box, and select RV Review from the drop-down on the same line.
  3. Leave AND selected in the second line.
  4. Type 2011 in the box on the second line and select PY Publication Year from the drop-down menu on the same line.
  5. Click Search.

This will give you a list of hundreds of debut novels published in 2011. You can then use the options in the “Narrow Results by” section to the left to narrow by genre or the boxes in the “Limit Your Results” on the right to limit by audience. This way, you can, for example, create a list of debut Mystery titles for teens:

  1. Select Mystery Stories under Genre in the “Narrow Results by” section to the left of your Result List.
  2. Select the Teens box in the “Limit Your Results” section on the right.
  3. Click Update.

You will be left with over 15 Mystery debuts for teens.

A word of warning: you may find that some of the books in the result list are sequels to debut novels. The debut may be mentioned in the review for the sequel.


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