Staying Safe

From The Pulse part of Health and Wellness Resource Center.

As the daylight dwindles the further into fall we go, a reminder of how to keep safe when jogging, walking or otherwise exercising in the dark is due. With distracted driving increasingly becoming a problem, pedestrians need to be more cautious now than ever of those behind the wheel who may not be completely focused on the road.

It’s recommended that joggers run against traffic regardless of time of day. Running against oncoming traffic allows runners to be aware of anything coming their way with sufficient time to react and move out of the way of approaching danger. Conversely, bikers traveling at speeds of 10 mph or higher are advised to ride with traffic.

Anyone exercising at dawn, dusk or in the dark of night needs to make it a priority to don reflective gear. This can entail wearing a reflective vest or adhering reflective stickers to a bike, helmet, shoes or dog leash/harness. Similarly, it’s advised that those exercising in the dark wear bright colored or neon clothing to further stand out. Running, walking or biking in a well-lit area further allows you to see potential dangers in your way and for drivers to see you.

Darkness also brings other potential dangers to the forefront. This can include animals who are more active at dawn and dusk hours or people who have less than good intentions on their mind. Running or walking with pepper spray or a personal alarm can help should danger strike. Also, consider including a piece of identification in your pocket or somewhere on your person so should anything happen, emergency responders can contact your family to let them know of the situation. provides some tips for exercising in the dark.

Other resources for exercising safely at night follow.

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