Looking for Help With Your Homework?

Did you know that last month, Clark County students received FREE help with their homework in a variety of subjects including Physics, Pre-calculus, Algebra ,Chemistry, Spanish,  Math, Reading, Social Studies, Biology, Geometry, Science & Writing in all grade levels? Out of 1,312 students who visited our live tutors online at BrainFuse, 93% were glad we offered this free service; 88% said they would recommend the service to a friend; 90% said it help them complete their homework;  75% said they are getting better grades because they used the service; and 74% said they feel more confident about their school work. BrainFuse, uses teachers to tutor students in all subject areas including help with reading and writing. Are you part of this group of students using BrainFuse?  If not why not give it a try this month and let me know if it helps.

Here’s what students are saying about BrainFuse:

this is great. i understood my hw better here. but it was kind of slow.
This is a wonderful program!
you are help full
i liked the tutor but is the tutor a computer or a person [It’s a person!]
thank you thank you
great service didn’t know about
I love this! You guys rock!
Thank you to whoever helped me! i will start coming more to this website when i am in need of help! thank you for the tips and be patient with me!
Awesome service!
This is amazing!!!
I love how this is available for students!
This is so helpful! I’m so glad something like this exists!
brainfuse is so great! i get ALOT of help. i dont know what i’d do without it. i used to have an actual tutor that came to my home, but that was $35 an hour! brainfuse is just as good, if not better and completely free! this is such a good organization. thank you so much, you are helping more than you guys will ever know! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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