BeSeen: How to use Social Media Safely

Did you know that nearly three quarters (73%) of teens are on a social networking site? Also according to recent research, a staggering 55% of teens have given out personal information to someone they didn’t know, and 56% of teens say they’ve been the target of some form of online harassment. With statistics like these, it is vital for teens and parents to learn how to use social networking sites in ways that promote positive online activities and prevent incidents of identity theft, social engineering and cyberbullying.

Carnegie Cyber Academy now has an app called BeSeen available in the Apple App Store, designed for the iPhone and compatible with the iPad. It will also become available for Android devices in December of this year. This app is designed for grades 6 and up and simulates a social networking site to teach teens about the cyber threats they may find on such websites. And, of course, the app is fun, so check it out!

For parents and teacher there is a classroom user guide and lesson plans, which can be found at:


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