New Cigarrette Labels Lesson Plans

By meaghandavies from Speaking Globally

Students will form their opinion on the issue and create a persuasive speech or essay, conduct a survey, charting and analyzing results and research lawsuits against tobacco companies.

View the video on Controversial Graphic Cigarette Labels by CBS.

Discussion Guide

Lesson Plan 1- Persuasive Writing

Objective:  Students will form their opinion on whether the new cigarette labels are too graphic and write a persuasive essay or speech

 Lesson Plan 2-Smoking Survey

Objective:  Students will conduct a survey on several aspects of smoking and how it impacts society.  Students will chart and analyze their results.

Lesson Plan 3- Tobacco Company Lawsuits

Objective:  Students will research and present projects on significant lawsuits involving tobacco companies

Additional Resources:; New Warning Labels
Are the New Cigarette Labels Unconstitutional?
Tobacco Firms Sue FDA
FDA Reveals New Labels
A Tradition Ends in French Cafes

Additional Online Library Resources:
American Tobacco Companies in China (Health and Wellness Resource Center)
A Comparative Study of Teenagers and Smoking (EBSCOHost)
Cigarette Smoke; Topic Overview (Opposing Viewpoints in Context)


21st Century Core Content
Government and Civics

 21st Century Themes
Global Awareness

21st Century Skills
Think Creatively
Work Creatively With Others
Reason Effectively
Make Judgments and Decisions
Communicate Clearly
Collaborate with Others
Access and Evaluate Information
Use and Manage Information
Analyze Media
Be Flexible
Work Independently
Be Self-directed Learners
Interact Effectively with Others
Produce Results


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