Cyber-Bullying eBooks

Are you planning a lesson plan around Cyber-Bullying this school year?  The library can help with ideas and resources which can be found on our Hot Topic page – Cyber Bullying.

Resources include open access ebooks on Cyber Bullying from ebrary. The collection, which is subsidized by ebrary and now includes over 100 titles, will help parents, educators, and others better understand, prevent, and take action against this growing concern. You can find the link to this great resource of ebooks on our Hot Topic – Cyber Bullying listed under Internet Resources.

Newly added titles include Cyberbullying: Activities to Help Children and Teens to Stay Safe in a Texting, Twittering, Social Networking World, by Vanessa Rogers (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2010) and Banishing Bullying Behavior: Exploring the Culture of Pain, Rage and Revenge, by Suellen Fried and Blanche E. Sosland (Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, 2010).


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