Credo Reference Topic Pages

Credo Reference Topic Pages are a new approach to presenting and organizing information resources. Topic pages provide context and vocabulary around a subject as well as linking to other library information on the topic. They are a great starting point for learning about the topic.

Credo Reference currently has over 9,000 topic pages. They cover a wide range of subject areas – from art to medicine and literature to science.

Take a look at these new topic pages:
 China – Mandarin Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo [central glorious people’s united country; i.e., people’s republic], officially People’s Republic of China,…

Energy Efficiency  – What is meant by the term efficiency? Calculate the efficiency of a train if 450 J of chemical energy in the fuel provides 95 J of…

Domestic Workers – Work performed in a household by someone who is not a member of the family. It was performed by slaves in many early civilizations, e.g., in…


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