New Mobile App Helps Parents with Childhood Ailments

Provided by The Pulse – Health and Wellness Resource Center

Summer is a wonderful time of the year for children.  Most of them are free from school for the summer and have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.  Some play in their yards, go to the park or go camping with their families.  All this outdoor time can lead to skin irritatiants, such as bug bites or poison ivy.  It can be difficult to know exactly what is serious and what isn’t.  How do you know if a doctor should be involved?

Well, Children’s Hospital of Michigan has introduced a new mobile app to help parents identify common childhood ailments.

“…[T]he Child Medical Guide app offers parents, grandparents and even the babysitter easy-to-access information on what to do for a bee sting, dog bite, colds, pink eye and much more. The hospital’s new mobile app even includes a child safety checklist with guidelines on how to keep your home safe for a child, and directions to the hospital, and its specialty center locations are also included.”

The site has information that allows parents and caregivers to quickly select an issue and select options to know what actions need to be taken.  For example, if you suspect your child has a broken bone, you can select the Broken Bone selection, click for an Overview to help determine the type of bone injury, the DOs and DON’Ts of bone injuries and whether to call an ambulance or wait for a regular appointment with a medical professional.

There are several guides as part of the app.  One handy guide is the Acetaminophen Use Chart with dosing charts from newborns to 11 year old children.  Most children’s acetaminophen doesn’t list dosages for children under two years old, which the Food and Drug Administration is looking into after a panel suggested the dosages be weight-based.  It covers how to get a Safe Sitter course or explain what a Seizure is and what to do.

The app is available through the Blackberry, iPhone and Android app markets, or you can visit the web site at


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