August: National Immunization Awareness Month

Just in time for back-to-school!

Immunizations are one of the easiest ways that we can protect ourselves and our families from deadly diseases. The vaccines that are offered today prevent the deaths of an estimated 42,000 children each year in the United States alone. Yet, some preventable diseases — whooping cough, for example — have been making a comeback because some children are not vaccinated and also because some adults have not gotten vaccination boosters.

With August inspiring the back to school mindset, it is the perfect time to get the vaccination discussion going with these free resources:

  • Quick and Easy: printable coloring pages, puzzles, activity booklets and more for children; puzzles, immunization recordkeepers and more for adults.
  • Featured Resources: books, information, and organizations to contact
  • Book Club: book discussion group ideas
  • Community Resources: local vaccination resources
  • Fun Stuff: fun, interactive links

Quick and Easy

Coloring Pages:

Puzzles and Activities for Children:

Puzzles and Activities for Teens and Adults:

Easy Immunization Recordkeeping and Other Printables for Adults:

Featured Resources

Books for Children and Adults

Immunization Reference Information Links

Organizations to Contact

Book Club

Observe National Immunization Awareness Month this August by choosing one of these discussion-provoking books for your summer reading:

Adult Book Club

Teen Book Club

  • Code Orange by Caroline Cooney. New York, NY: Delacorte Press, © 2005. While conducting research for a school paper on smallpox, Mitty finds an envelope containing 100-year-old smallpox scabs. Has he infected New York City?

Community Resources

Find a local agency or other local resources here:

Fun Stuff


Interactive Information

Interactive Immunization Schedulers

Provided by Health and Wellness Resource Center.


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