Freegal Getting More Songs

Here’s some important and exciting news about the Freegal Music Service.

Freegal has reached a deal with IODA Alliance to bring their roster of incredible music to our catalog. This is in addition to other updates to the service which include:

++Mobile apps

++Increased search and browse capabilities

++New look to the site

++Multi-lingual website

Who is IODA Alliance? IODA is one of the largest digital aggregators in the world. Very few labels are big enough to distribute themselves, so they have people like IODA do it for them. I don’t know of a bigger or a better one. They have over 12,000 music labels representing tens of thousands of artists, from over 60 countries. There are over 700 Canadian labels alone.  Ioda is known for their breadth, their depth and their quality, having garnered almost 100 Grammy nominations in the past two years. Ioda has just shy of 3 million songs in their catalog.

This makes our Freegal Library a must stop for music lovers. With our new search and browse capabilities and our mobile apps, more people will be able to find more music, quicker than ever before.

New content will start being added in July, and it will continue over a few months. The remain updates listed above should be available by September 1.

Don’t forget to download your free three songs each week!


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