Summer Fun With BrainFuse

This summer have some fun with Brainfuse’s Flashbulb!  What is Flashbulb? You can make your own games, like bug chase, hangman, crossword puzzles, scramble word or matching games.

Challenge your friends with your knowledge!

Never heard of BrainFuse?  Read what other kids are saying about it!


Yes No Don’t know
Are you glad your organization offers this service? 96% 2% 2%
Would you recommend this service to a friend? 94% 2% 4%
If you received homework help, did this service help you complete your homework assignment? 89% 6% 5%
For Students: Is this service helping you improve your grades? 74% 3% 23%
For Students: Is HelpNow helping you be more confident about your school work? 72% 5% 23%





I can’t do straight lines w/o arrows at the end of it!
I love this!!
Thisis a lifesaver
Thanks for all the help you provided for me i was having trouble with math & i got a great deal of help love this free program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great service
Kawsub is an amazing tutor! Ive had them numerous times and have never been dissapointed! 🙂
I think I am better at class because of this
they diden’t help me
Thank you so much!
This has really helped me in school, with understanding what the problem ment.
The best part is the tutor, very helpful and positive.

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