Investing 101

If you missed the past webinar Investing 101, the  recording is now available on Morningstar Investment Research Center under the Portfolio Tab/Investment Goals. The video is a replay of the webinar presented during Money Smart Week, Investing 101: Simple Strategies to Get Started in the World of Investing. The session covers the basics of how to start investing, including why you should invest, determining your investment goals, and finding the right mix of stocks, bonds, and other investments for you using Morningstar research.  The running time is about one hour. (Note: if may take a few minutes to download depending upon your Internet connection.

Another addition to the database is the most recent Market Outlook (Markets tab). You will find the document under Q1 2011 of the Quarterly Industry Reports section. The piece looks at what happened during the past quarter and includes analyst insights for industries and sectors in the second quarter of this year which include:

  • S igns of inflation are unmistakable–and we don’t think this is good news for the stock or bond market.
  •  M any companies will struggle to pass along higher input prices, which means lower margins and/or substitution of alternative inputs.
  • W e think “moaty” firms will weather any inflation better than companies without a competitive advantage.

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