Who needs poetry?

Is poetry part of any standardized test? Then why bother?

What kind of career will that train you for – writing greeting cards?

April is National Poetry Month – a natural draw for fans of the literary form, but a harder sell for “realists” and others who believe poetry doesn’t have a place in their busy lives.

Like learning music, practicing creative writing engages the intuitive and imaginative “right brain.” People whose thoughts and actions are driven by the analytical and logical “left brain” may need help understanding how engaging the creative side can foster a more well-rounded thought process.

  • An introduction to poetry can provide respite from everyday stresses. Creative writing offers a chance for emotional release in a way Facebook or Twitter cannot replicate.
  • Among students, an environment of standardized tests places emphasis on memorization and analytics. Engaging the creative right brain – via poetry – can help boost problem-solving skills.

On April 14th carry a poem in your pocket. Get your poem by downloading it to your smartphone to listen to it or add it to your ebook reader or smartphone from the eMedia CatalogTip: Select Advance Search then in the Subject box select – Poetry.

Some people will never be on board with poetry, but others may enjoy the change and the challenge of re-imagining the view of their world. Need help getting started with writing or reading poetry?  Try these online resources available in the Virtual Library.

For Middle and High School Students:

For Elementary Students

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