Poetry Game for Students

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Everyday Poetry: Poetry Tag
by Sylvia Vardell

This creative game involves finding, sharing, and linking poems.

To celebrate National Poetry Month in April, try playing a game of Poetry Tag. You can use the chain of poems below as a model and invite children to take the game and run with it.

Here’s how it works. Choose a poem to begin. Find another poem to link to it based on some connection between the two poems: a word, an image, a topic, the form, or a poetic device. Then find a third poem that links to the second poem in some way. Then a fourth that links to the third, and so on. The connections may be different each time, taking the game of tag in new and unexpected directions. There is no “right” answer, and the possibilities and permutations at each point are nearly endless. The key is to have fun finding, sharing, and linking poems. Ready, set, go! [read more]

The Virtual Library offers a variety of resources for finding poems and learning about poetry.  Checkout this online resources:

Especially For Elementrary Grades

For more on the books mentioned here, see these related Web resources.


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