Brain Teaser – Regions

This brainteaser is about different named regions of the world, and where they are.

Need help? Try Credo Reference for the answer.

1. The Costa Brava is a coastal region of which country?

2. Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne are wine-producing areas of which country?

3. The Sahel is an area bordering the southern margins of which desert?

4. Name two of the three countries which make up the Low Countries.

5. The Northwest Territories are a division of which country?

6. Emilia-Romagna is a region of which country?

7. Oceania is a rather ambiguous term generally applied to the islands of which ocean?

8. Which writer borrowed the name of “Wessex” from Anglo-Saxon history for the West Country setting of most of his novels and many of his poems?

9. Darfur is a region in the west of which country?

10. Bohemia is a historic region which is now in which country?

Questions set by Tony Augarde (


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