Topic Page – Japan’s Earthquakes

Today’s featured Topic Page is about Japan’s earthquakes, natural disasters which have been terrorizing the country for many years. The most recent serious earthquake struck Japan earlier today and was coupled with a tsunami which shook the country. Earthquakes are relatively common in Japan as the country lies on particularly unstable section of the Ring of Fire- a section of volcanoes around the edge of the Pacific Ocean which is responsible for most earthquakes.

Tsunamis are a common aftereffect of a earthquake and, unsurprisingly, a large one followed this afternoon’s earthquake which had a magnitude of 8.9 on the Richter scale. While the number of casualties and a lot of other information is still unavailable, we can examine Japan’s history with earthquakes and try to understand why the country keeps facing these natural disasters. Read about Japan’s last great earthquake disaster at the Japan Earthquake Topic Page.


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