Women in Government

American social reformer, Jane Addams

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In the United States, an increasing number of women hold senior nuclear positions at the White House and the Pentagon, and therefore take a principal role in international nuclear policy, relations and negotiations.

For example, Karin Look supervised the dismantling of Libya’s nuclear program and Rose Gottemoeller negotiated a nuclear treaty with Moscow.

Quiz Question: According to a 2010 Women in International Security survey, what percentage of senior positions at U.S. national security and foreign policy agencies are female?

A. Between 17 and 25 percent
B. Between 21 and 29 percent
C. Between 25 and 33 percent
D. Between 29 and 37 percent

Article(s) | Site(s):
Women at Head of the Table When U.S. Engages in Nuclear Talks

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Jane Addams

Answer: B. Between 21 and 29 percent


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