Brain Teaser – What Did They Play?

For this week’s brainteaser, you have to decide which instrument particular musicians are or were famous for playing. Need help?  Try Credo Reference.My Blogs

1. Is Ringo Starr known as a guitarist, pianist or drummer?

2. Did Paganini (1782-1840) play the harpsichord, violin or oboe?

3. Is jazz musician Dave Brubeck famous as a pianist, saxophonist or bassist?

4. What instrument is Herb Alpert famous for playing?

5. Was Chet Atkins (1924-2001) a drummer, guitarist or trumpeter?

6. Was Pablo Casals (1876-1973) a violinist, cellist or guitarist?

7. Aretha Franklin is a famous soul singer. But what instrument does she play?

8. British comedian George Formby was known particularly for playing which instrument?

9. On what instrument did Anton Karas play “the Harry Lime Theme” from the film “The Third Man”?

10. The Indian musician Ravi Shankar is a virtuoso player of which instrument?

Questions set by Tony Augarde (


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