Egypt – Lesson Plan

Egyptian Revolution Lesson Plans

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View Kissinger’s Perspective: Chaos in Egypt, from Fox News, and lead discussion.

Discussion Guide

Lesson Plan 1–Critical Analysis of Video

View Kissinger’s Perspective: Chaos in Egypt, from Fox News.


Students will watch video, answer questions and participate in a discussion on the crisis in Egypt.

Discussion Guide

Lesson Plan 2: Egypt in the News

Newseum’s List of Newspapers
Egyptian Anti-Government Protests


Using the two resources above, students will research a variety of newspapers from around the world and analyze their coverage of Egypt.

Lesson Plan 3: Can It Happen in the U.S.?

Read the Constitution of the United States


Students will conduct research to answer the question “Can a revolution like the one in Egypt, happen in the U.S.?  Students will use the U.S. Constitution to support their answers.

21st Century Core Content
Government and Civics

21st Century Themes
Global Awareness
Civic Literacy

21st Century Skills
Reason Effectively
Access and Evaluate Information
Interact Effectively with Others
Work Effectively in Diverse Teams
Produce Results
Guide and Lead Others
Be Responsible to Others

Additional Resources
Crisis in Cairo: The Latest from Egypt in Turmoil, from Time Inc.
Israel has Faith Mubarak will Prevail, from Time Inc.
Crisis in Egypt in Global Context, from Stratfor Global Intelligence
Crisis in Cairo Continues, Egyptians Ignore Obama, from The Other McCain
Egypt Revolution, from Newsweek

Additional Resources from U.S. History in Context :

The fear of worse: comparing French and American responses to the Middle East upheavals National Review, February 21, 2011

After Mubarak: A Time to Look Ahead The New York Times, February 15, 2011


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