An eBook Revolution

February is Library Lovers Month. The 21st Century library is quickly evolving from paper to pixels; from atoms to bits.

More than 550 years after Johannes Gutenberg printed 180 copies of the Bible on paper and vellum, new technologies as revolutionary as the printing press are changing the concept of a book and the definition of “literate.”

Sound, animation, and the ability to connect to the Internet have created the notion of a living book that can establish an entirely new kind of relationship with readers.

Students: What are four features of electronic books that make them (to some) preferable to print versions? How can electronic books be used to improve education and enhance reading comprehension? How can electronic reading devices help challenged readers and the visually handicapped?

Did you know the Virtual Library offers eBooks and eAudio books?  Visit our eMedia Catalog for a great selection.

Interested in learning about eBook Readers and eBooks?  I’m hosting a eBook Reader Workshop Friday February 11, 2011 at the Sunrise Library at 2pm for anyone who wishes to attend.  I will cover how to select an ebook reader that fits your needs and  how to download free ebooks from the library.


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