Black History Month

African American History

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Commemorating myriad contributions of Africans American to the nation’s history, heritage and culture

African-American author and teacher Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson, who is considered to be the “Father of Black History,” established the first Negro History Week in 1926. Fifty years later, on the nation’s bicentennial, this celebration of African-American heritage was extended to the entire month of February.

A commemoration of the historical, cultural and contemporary roles of African Americans in the United States, Black History Month aspires to educate the nation on topics significant to the African-American experience, including slavery, segregation, and the civil-rights movements. Tribute is paid to leaders, politicians, martyrs, soldiers, artists, authors, and heroes whose remarkable achievements in their respective fields represent the tragedies, triumphs and continuing struggles of the African-American community.

In honor of Black History Month, February’s SIRS Spotlight of the Month profiles renowned African Americans of both past and present and reflects on African-American history and culture. Articles and online destinations include:


1. Black History Month Honors Legacy of Struggle and Triumph

2. More Blacks Choosing to Home-School

3. The African Roots of Colonial America

4. Shades of Difference

5. ‘I Never Set Out to Write to Be Famous’

6. Beyond Racism: Lessons from the South on Racial Discrimination and Prejudice


Citizen King (MLK)

Biography of General Colin L. Powell

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