What is it? and How Much is it Worth?

Where can you find the answers?  Antiques Reference – p4a database is where you can find the answers to those questions. This easily searchable online database has  information about collectibles, antiques and fine art provided by over 140 major U.S. auction companies. Updated daily, each record has at least one color picture, a description, the sale price and date, and auction house name and contact information. Added biographical and historical reference notes enhance many of the records.

Of course, there are thousands of interesting objects in the database that many people may never know exist.  So, here’s a collection of some of the odd, unusual and fascinating things you could find in the p4A database!  To read more, just search by item number in Antiques Reference – p4a.

  • C240647 – Red Baron’s goggles
  • A012720 – Handgun from Roosevelt assassination attempt
  • D9840461 – Tyrannosaurus rex claw
  • D9914142 – James Dean’s t-shirt from Rebel Without a Cause
  • D9898466 – Superman, Action Comics #1
  • D9933344 – First-hand account of the death of Gen. “Stonewall” Jackson
  • D9847393 – Paul Revere engraving of the Boston Massacre
  • D9961963 – Sitting Bull’s revolver
  • D9961956 – Gen. George A. Custer’s folding camp chair
  • D9914131 – Elvis Presley’s first Sun recording
  • B107927 – leaf from Gutenberg Bible
  • D9840287 – taxidermied grizzly bear
  • D9840162 – largest Western Hemisphere gold nugget
  • D9955991 – 1917 Model T Ford sedan
  • D9926254 – pre-Columbian gold pendant
  • D9960046 – Room installation from a Kent estate
  • D9949279 – first edition of Moby Dick by Herman Melville
  • D9849127 – copy of the Magna Carta from 1297
  • D9840512 – a 4-carat Tiffany diamond solitaire
  • A055079 – an 1891 oil painting by Claude Monet

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