Topic Page – Martin Luther King Jr.

3. Martin Luther King, Jr., a civil rights act...

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Today’s featured Topic Page from Credo Reference is about Martin Luther King Jr. On Monday we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of  Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Day Holiday

Born in Atlanta, Ga. in 1929, he was an  American clergyman and civil-rights leader. He  was educated at Morehouse College (B.A., 1948), Crozer Theological Seminary (B.D., 1951), &  Boston Univ. (Ph.D., 1955). The son of the pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, King became (1954) minister of the Dexter Ave. Baptist Church in Montgomery, Ala. He led the black boycott (1955–56) of segregated city bus lines and in 1956 gained a major victory and prestige as a civil-rights leader when Montgomery buses began to operate on a desegregated basis.  To read more about Martin Luther King Jr. read the Topic Page in Credo Reference.

To learn more about Martin Luther King, Jr. visit these Virtual Library resources:


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