Brain Teaser – Old Fashion Words

Some words or phrases are considered old-fashioned or “archaic” but you may still find them used occasionally. Can you give the meaning of these archaisms?  Need help? Try Credo Reference!

1. What is a damsel?

2. “Methinks” is an archaic expression for what?

3. What is or was the meaning of froward?

4. What is or was an apothecary?

5. “Throstle” is an old word for what type of bird?

6. “Frore” is an archaic word meaning what?

7. What is the meaning of “all my eye and Betty Martin”?

8. “Lazar” is an archaic word for what?

9. “Silk of the kine” is a personification of which country?

10. “Abigail” is an archaic word for what?

Questions set by Tony Augarde (


One thought on “Brain Teaser – Old Fashion Words

  1. Great photos, they really serve to illustrate your points well. It just goes to show that fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Whilst I liked certain aspects on the design, some I would not wear.

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