Breaking News – Newspaper MicroFilm Goes Digital!

Microfilm newspapers are now going digital, which means you can now access back issues of three major newspapers – The Las Vegas Review Journal, The LA Times and The New York Times from anywhere with your library card and PIN!

The ProQuest Digital Microfilm Newspapers is now available on Databases A-Z and also on Topic Search under Newspapers and Current Events and Resources for Middle/High School Grades.

It currently contains the following newspapers but please note the delay times :

  • The Las Vegas Review Journal – starting with the year 2009 to the present but runs about 6 months behind.
  • The LA Times – starting with year 2008 to the present but runs about 3 months behind.
  • The New York Times – starting with year 2008 to the present but runs about 2 months behind.

To use :

  1. Select the Confirm Authenication link
  2. Click Select and select a newspaper title
  3. Select a Year
  4. Select a Month
  5. Select a Day – usually it will start loading the newspaper at this point, if not then
  6. Select a Page

Once the paper loads, use the thumbnails at the bottom of the screen to scroll through the paper. When you find a page you want to view click on it. It will appear in the large window. Hint: To enlarge, click the “Fill Window icon on the tool bar (see below).

Note: as ofDecember 14, 2010, it has been noted this database fails using FireFox 3.6.13, when you try to select a thumbnail. We are investigating the issue with Proquest.


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