Types of Governments – Lesson Plan

law & governmentView and Discuss The Five Types of Government Explained

Discussion Guide

Video Response – Lesson 1

Objective: The students will view the video (from discussion guide) and complete the attached worksheet.


Political Cartoons — Lesson Plan 2

Objective: Students will research to find political cartoons and create political cartoons about several types of government

Project Expectations

The Best Way to Run a Country — Lesson Plan 3

Objective: Students will create a poster/ paper and presentation on what they feel is the best form of government.

Project Expectations

Additional Activities:

  • Have class work in groups to label a world map indicating what type of government they have.  Place map on wall and refer to during class discussions
  • Have students interpret the following quote, “Without law there can be no freedom.”
  • As a review activity, put students into groups and play charades.  Having each group act out a type of government and allowing the audience to guess what it is
  • Hunt through newspapers for a week or two and collect all articles discussing types of government.  Analyze the media’s bias, who is presented in a better light?  Who is frowned upon?

21st Century Core Content
World Languages
Government and Civics

21st Century Themes
Global Awareness
Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy
Civic Literacy

21st Century Skills
Reason Effectively
Communicate Clearly
Access and Evaluate Information
Analyze Media
Create Media Products
Be Self-directed Learners
Produce Results

Library Resources:

Additional Resources:

Additional Resources for Global Issues in Context Subscribers:

Democracy Imperiled: Did the Foreign Diplomacy of the Nixon Administration Violate Democratic Principles?, from History in Dispute: Cold War
Communism, from International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences
Winston Churchill on Liberalism and Socialism, from Governments, Politics and Protests: Essential Primary Sources
Dictatorship of the Proletariat, from Encyclopedia of Russian History
Oligarchy, from International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences


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