Brain Teaser – Amazing Grace

The word “grace” can have several meanings, and it can also be used as a woman’s name. Try to answer these questions, which are all related to “grace” as a word or a name.  Need help? Try using Credo Reference.

1. Which American film star, whose first name was Grace, became Princess of Monaco in 1956 after appearing in such films as “Rear Window” and “High Society”?

2. Elvis Presley spent his last years living reclusively at his Memphis home. What was the name of his home?

3. According to Dorothy Parker, “grace under pressure” was whose definition of guts?

4. Grace Poole is a character in which novel by Charlotte Brontë?

5. In music, what is a “grace note”?

6. Which Jamaican-born singer made record albums called “Warm Leatherette” and “Nightclubbing”?

7. Name the cat with a wife called Grace, who appeared in children’s picturebooks by Kathleen Hale.

8. What was the surname of the British heroine whose first name was Grace and who helped to save a number of shipwrecked people from the steamer “Forfarshire” off the northeast coast of England in 1838?

9. Who played Grace Adler in the US television comedy series “Will and Grace”?

10. “Saying Grace” is a 1951 painting by which American illustrator, who idealized small town America?

Questions set by Tony Augarde (


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