eBook Readers That Work With Library eBooks

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Looking to buy an eBook Reader this holiday season?  Do you want to be able to get eBooks from the library for free?  Did you know  not all ebook readers work with library ebooks?

To find out which ebook readers work read our holiday Ebook Reader Comparsion Chart Revised February 2011, How to Get Started with eBook Readers and eBooks and ourBuying Guide rev 2_2011.  For the latest updates to what works visit Compatible eBook Devices.

Note: Nook Color and Literati Reader by Sharper Image have just been added to the list of compatible devices.

Short version of which eBook Readers work with Library eBooks includes information about the new Apps for iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

When you open your eBook Reader on Christmas Day, visit the eMedia Catalog and download eBooks! We are open 24/7/365 days!


4 thoughts on “eBook Readers That Work With Library eBooks

  1. The comparison chart is really helpful. Provided me with a quick snapshot of what’s out there. I will post a review/comment as soon as I get one of those eReaders and try it with the ebooks from the library.

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  3. I have only had my nook a short while but this is incredible! There are many great books here to read. Thank you so so much for this information.

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