What is Grandma’s Quilt Worth?

No need not wait for the Antiques Roadshow to come to town to get real market based information about your antiques, artwork and family treasures.   The Virtual Library has  the p4A Antiques Reference database available free of charge LVCCLD library cardholders.

Thep4A Antiques Reference database is used by most leading personal property appraisers throughout the United States (including many Antiques Roadshow appraisers), antiques dealers, museums, and agencies like the Internal Revenue Service to evaluate almost every kind of antique in today’s collections.

Unlike other reference tools, the p4A Antiques Reference database is focused on the American regional marketplace but also includes the top scale New York art and antiques markets.  This means library patrons using the database have a better opportunity to find the types of material seen locally and regionally at auction and retail outlets.  These antiques are organized into 1,280 different classifications on subjects including furniture, glass, pottery and porcelain, paintings, prints, clocks, toys, dolls, advertising collectibles, books, autographs, lamps, silver, firearms and historical documents.  Each record includes information on when and where the item was sold as well as the price realized. Pricing information ranges from $10 into the millions.

The p4A Antiques Reference database is also unique in having at least one color picture for every record and more are added every day.  Library patrons can actually see if the item they are researching closely matches the one described in the database.  In addition, each record carries a text description and many have extensive reference notes attached to provide background and context information to the user.

Library patrons may use the p4A Antiques Reference database in any of LVCCLD libraries or access the database from their home or office by using their computer to access by going to Databases A-Z and under ‘A’ look for Antiques Reference – p4A .

To help you get started with the database here are some p4A Search Instructions.


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