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Have you eaten your five-a–day? This brainteaser is all about vegetables.  Need help? Try Credo Reference.

1. “Murphy” is a dialect or informal word for which vegetable?

2. To gain strength, the comic strip character Popeye consumed a can of which vegetable?

3. Which vegetable was introduced to Scotland from Sweden in the late 18th century and was originally known as the Swedish turnip?

4. The name of which kind of vegetable can be preceded by the words lima, kidney, string, shell and pea?

5. Romaine lettuce also has another name, said to have originated from an Aegean island. What name is this?

6. “Cresson de fontaine” is a French name for which vegetable?

7. In the Near East, which vegetable is the basic ingredient for hummus and falafel?

8. “Zucchini” is the U.S. and Canadian name for which vegetable?

9. Which type of artichoke gets its particular name from the Italian word “girasole”, meaning “sunflower”?

10. Which vegetable did Mark Twain say was “nothing but cabbage with a college education”?

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