Native Americans Heritage Month

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Honoring the vital impact of Native American culture, contributions and character in America.

Native Americans are an integral part of American history, culture and character. In the face of overwhelming adversity, Native American culture remains a fundamental component of the American experience. Contributions and accomplishments of Native Americans permeate and impact American art, music, literature, agriculture, spirituality and medicine.

Two decades ago, Native American culture was nationally recognized with the designation of November as National American Indian Heritage Month. The commemoration continues to pay tribute to Native Americans’ historical and contemporary achievements and their revolutionary role in the development of American culture and society, while recognizing the evolution of the Native American experience and emphasizing the significance of preserving Native traditions and heritage.

Our SIRS Knowledge Source Spotlight of the Month honors Native Americans and promotes cultural understanding with such articles and sites as:


1. Humor Is My Green Card

2. A Conversation with Lorna Dee Cervantes

3. When the Spirit Moves Them

4. Indian Tribe Hopes to Profit from Solar Energy

5. Press Freedom in Indian Country


Circle of Stories

Native American Cultures

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