Where are You Getting Your Political Insight?


Cover of "Dictionary of Politics and Gove...

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From attack ads? Bloggers? Commentators paid to fan the flames of dissent? “The Daily Show”?

As the midterm elections loom in a political environment of increasing polarization, the serious follower of public policy will seek real background, facts and perspectives – information on a different, more trustworthy, level than the kind they are exposed to, willingly or not, every day.

Gale Virtual Reference Library offers political-oriented volumes written by experts in their fields and peer-reviewed for accuracy and objectivity.

This means that political and government eBooks and content from Gale deliver trustworthy content whether the user is completing an assignment, writing a speech or gathering facts to support a kitchen-table argument.

Just in time for the political season, find several books, magazines and primary sources covering government and politics.

U.S. Elections –Find in-depth current & historical coverage of  of federal and gubernatorial elections in the United States. Includes a primary sources, images, videos and podcasts found in U.S. History in Context

Congress –From the history of Congress to up to the minute news on what’s happening in congress can be be found in U.S. History in Context.

Supreme Court search in Gale Virtual Reference Library offers an accessible description of federal jurisdiction, federal judicial powers and judicial restraint

The Bill of Rights combines primary and secondary sources to help students understand each of the freedoms codified by the first 10 amendments of the Constitution

Political Theories for Students – In-depth information on major political theories and systems from all time periods. Each entry begins with a general overview of the system/theory followed by a discussion of the principal aspects of the theory, the theory’s philosophy and an analysis of the historical context in which the theory was developed, including critical response.

Encyclopedia of U.S. History: Government and Politics – Provides a concise history of the U.S. government and political scene throughout American history, with a particular emphasis on how government and politics effects, and is affected by, social change.

U.S. History in Context contains reference titles such as Presidential Administration Profiles for Students as well as topics such as Government Documents

Credo Reference also offers a political-oriented title :

Dictionary of Politics and Government – A signifcant number of terms covering world politics, international relations, local and national government and the European Union. All entries have been fully updated, and range from active citizenship, democratic deficit, and the Factortame case to regional government and sleaze.

American Government (ABC-Clio History Databases) provides articles, images, documents and Facts & Figures.


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