A Jazz Age Great

September 24th marks the birthday of American literary legend F. Scott Fitzgerald, who was born in 1896 in St. Paul, Minnesota. His enduring novels depict the Jazz Age in ways that mirrored his own glamorous but sometimes troubled life. If you missed (or are getting ready to read) The Great Gatsby in high-school English class, it’s never too late to experience this 20th century classic that has something for everyone: love triangles, glamorous parties, death, obsession. Or check out This Side of Paradise, Fitzgerald’s first novel, reportedly written to win the heart of his future wife, Zelda.

Download and listen to these great novels by F. Scott Fitzgerald or one of the others we have in our eMedia Catalog.

Have you read The Great Gatsby or are you reading it? If so, after reading The Great Gatsby test your knowledge with this game –

The 1920s
How well do you know the 1920′s and the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald? Do you know the plot & characters in the novel The Great Gatsby? Do you know what happened in the 1920′s? This game will find out how just how much you know!


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