Brain Teaser – Rock & Pop Groups

This brainteaser is about rock and pop groups in popular music.  Need help?  Try Credo Reference.

1. Which Swedish pop group won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 with “Waterloo”?

2. “Wannabe” was the chart-topping debut single in 1996 by which pop group?

3. Paul Hewson is the lead singer of which Irish rock group formed in the 1970s?

4. “Behind the Front” was the 1998 debut album by which US hip-hop group?

5. In 1965, which pop group sang a song including the lyric “Hope I die before I get old”?

6. Which member of the Rolling Stones died in 1969?

7. Caleb Followill is the lead vocalist of which American group?

8. Fleetwood Mac got its name from the names of two of the group’s members. Who were they?

9. Which pop manager created Boyzone, the Irish boy band?

10. What was the real name of Sly Stone, who led Sly & the Family Stone?

Questions set by Tony Augarde, author of “The Oxford Guide to Word Games”.


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