Brain Teaser – Triple Play

In this brainteaser, all you have to do is to choose the correct meaning from three suggestions.  Need help? Try using the library’s online resource –  Credo Reference.

1. Is the kookaburra a kind of fish, an insect, or a bird?

2. Cummerbund means the German government, a slang term for a lazy person, or a wide sash worn around the waist?

3. Scapula means the shoulder blade, a surgeon’s knife, or the shaven top of a monk’s head?

4. Apiarian means before the time of the dinosaurs, belonging to the monkey family, or relating to beekeeping or bees?

5. A buckler is a small round shield, a decorated belt, or a trainer of race-horses?

6. Aspartame is a kind of long grass that grows on sand dunes, an artificial sweetener, or a kind of pasta?

7. A porbeagle is a kind of bird, a kind of whale, or a kind of shark?

8. Chervil means a kind of herb, a small kangaroo, or a servant in medieval times?

9. A czardas is a Siberian musical instrument, a Russian sweet containing caramel, or a Hungarian folk dance?

10. A neonate is a swelling on the skin, a newborn baby, or an African musical instrument?

Questions set by Tony Augarde, author of “The Oxford Guide to Word Games”.


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