Natural Disasters

A natural disaster occurs when a natural hazard strikes an inhabited area. Across the world, volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and floods have significantly impacted towns, cities and even entire countries.

Although scientists know a lot about natural hazards, they can’t always predict when or where these environmental events will occur. Earthquakes, tornadoes and volcanoes show warning signs, but the methods of prediction are far from perfect. Hurricanes can be tracked, but accurate forecasting of a hurricane’s path and intensity is difficult.

Favorable conditions for avalanches can be predicted, but the avalanche itself cannot be forecasted. But with the help of statistical research and improved technologies, including satellites and supercomputers, scientists are better able to predict many natural hazards and lessen the severity of natural disasters.

Learn more about the science behind natural disasters in online resource such as:


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2. The Global Volcanic Feedback Loop

3. More Than a Meteor Likely Killed Dinosaurs 65 Million Years Ago

4. Hundreds Dead After Quake Hits China


Natural Hazards


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