Comparing Two Funds Side by Side

by Lars Wasvick, Associate Product Manager at Morningstar

A few months ago I was in the market for a new television. That was no easy feat, with hundreds of brands, types, and models to choose from. After I had narrowed down my prospective televisions by price range, size, and screen resolution, it was time to compare the few survivors.

With Morningstar Investment Research Center, the Fund Screener works in a similar fashion. I can put in my investment amount, size, and style, among other things. But after the results shake out, it would be nice to compare funds against each other.

Thankfully, the website I used for my television had a compare tool, which made it easy to see the differences between two choices in greater detail and ultimately help me make a more informed decision. Wouldn’t that be handy when choosing between two mutual funds?

One of the new features on Morningstar Investment Research Center is a fund comparison tool that makes it easy to look at two funds side by side. You’ll find the tool under the “Funds” heading on the homepage or in the sidebar when looking at the other fund views.

Basically, all you need is the name or ticker symbol for each fund you want to compare. Just start typing and the tool will automatically help you locate the right information. Once you have your two funds in the system, click “View Report” to view and compare such things as performance, Morningstar Rating, investment style, portfolio profile, and more.

Another option to get the funds’ statistics is to click the “Create a PDF” button. The PDF will give you a longer document that is printer-friendly with some extra commentary on fund strategy, investment risks, and disclosure statements.


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