Brain Teaser – Wives & Lovers

Our brainteaser this week is about men’s wives and also their lovers (otherwise known as mistresses).

  1. When the Beatles broke up, Paul McCartney made recordings with his wife. What was her first name?
  2. In Shakespeare’s play, who did Othello marry and then smother?
  3. Who was the mistress of Admiral Horatio Nelson?
  4. The “Big Bertha” cannon of World War I was named after Bertha, the wife of a munitions manufacturer. What was her surname?
  5. Who was the second wife of American dramatist Arthur Miller?
  6. “Siegfried Idyll” was designed by which composer as a birthday gift for his wife Cosima?
  7. In 1712, Peter I, known as the Great, Tsar and Emperor of Russia, married his Lithuanian mistress. What was her first name?
  8. Which actress was married successively to Nick Hilton, Michael Wilding, Mike Todd and Eddie Fisher?
  9. Before she married the American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, what relation was Eleanor Roosevelt to him?
  10. Which French sculptor inspired the French sculptor Camille Claudel and the Welsh artist Gwen John, each of whom became his mistress?

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