New Device for eAudio Books and eVideos

If you’re in the market for a new MP3/video player, you probably have a few “must-have” features on your list, such as sound quality, touch screen capability, bookmarking for audiobooks, and affordability. If these are in line with yours, the Creative Zen X-Fi2 may be the right choice.

Creative devices offer some of the best sound quality compared to many MP3 players on the market.  It is one quality they are known for and loyal consumers have come to expect. The Zen X-Fi2 definitely delivers and with the X-Fi technology, you can experience a more superior sound. Put your headphones on and you’re in for a real treat. On the flip side, the built-in external speakers aren’t quite up to par.

The touch screen functionality is a little more complex than your average touch device. Unlike the iPod touch, which allows you to effortlessly scroll throughout its interface, the Zen X-Fi2 requires more pressure from your fingertips. This inevitably slows down the responsiveness. In my opinion, the bonus to touch screens is the quickness, and this device does not offer the speed that I expect from an MP3 player. However, if you are new to touch screen devices, this might be a good one to start with.

Most individuals who use MP3 players for audiobook listening have one feature at the top of their list – bookmarking. The X-Fi2 has the capability and it’s fairly easy to use. The only drawback is that there are only 10 slots for bookmarks.

Lastly, most consumers want a durable but affordable device. As with other Creative brand devices, you won’t have to replace your X-Fi2 for a long time, unless of course you are looking for an upgrade later on down the road. You won’t break the bank with the X-Fi2 since its price point is well below the competition. An 8GB will run you $109.99, about $100 less than the 8GB iPod touch. Other storage sizes include 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.

Overall, the Creative Zen X-Fi2 is a solid choice, especially if you will be using your new MP3 player for audiobook listening. The bookmarking feature will highlight your favorite parts and you’ll never want to remove your earbuds due to the great sound quality.  Lastly, you won’t have to worry about financing this device as it’s priced perfectly when compared to other MP3 players available today. For other options visit the Compatible Devices list at OverDrive

Once you get your MP3 player the Library offers thousands of free titles for downloading and your listening pleasure.  Visit our eMedia Catalog to view our great selection!


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