Quick Search & Databases A-Z

To continue with our tour of the new website – on May 25th you will find Quick Search and Databases A-Z under the Find Information menu.

Quick Search will take you to the current federated searching page you currently use to find our databases by subject or in a alphabetical listing.

  • Subject area:  The difference between this list of databases by subject and the one found under Search by Topic is the ability to search more than one database at a time.
  • Databases A-Z list: Here you can select a single database or check off the ones you want to search and perform the search.  This is what “federated search” means.

Unfortunately, we will only be offering this Quick Search option through the end of 2010. Before then familiarize yourself with  Search By Topic and Databases A-Z sections of the new website so you won’t be lost come 2011.

Databases A-Z list will present you with a list of databases in alphabetical order.  This is handy if you know the name of the database you want to search.  Up at the top select the letter of the alphabet which the database starts with then scroll through the list to find your database.  Here you will need to search each database individually to find your information.


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