Finding Information – Search By Topic

The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District website will be changing on May 25th. In this post and some upcoming posts we will show you some tips & tricks of the new website.  In this first post we are going to tell you about some new features to make your research easier than ever.

We have developed a new section entitled, Find Information. This is a place where you can possibly answer any question you may have with authoritative and credible information.

The Find Information Page contains the following categories; Find Information, Hot Topics, Special Collections and the Librarian’s Brain.

Find Information – In this category, you may use multiple sources to find just what you are looking for. There are several ways to search for information, including Search by Topic, Database A-Z, Featured Topics and Quick Search, but we think Search by Topic is the easiest and fastest. Since this is the easiest way to search, let’s find out why and how.

Search by Topic – This is the fastest way to find what you need, when you’re not sure where to start looking. We tell you the best places to start for your topic. No more guessing which resource to use. We have it here, at your fingertips. Now you need to know how to use this feature, right? Ok, that is very simple. Just follow these steps;

  1. Click Find Information
  2. Click  Search by Topic (Hint: a short cut to this link is t0 select Search By Topic from the menu which opens up when you place your mouse over it).
  3. A list of topics are presented to choose from. As you can see on the picture above, each topic is broken down into sub-topics with links to online resources. Note the first sub-topic: Try These First.  These resources are your best bet for finding the information you are looking for.

Note: Access to these databases are granted when you have a valid library card and pin and you are part of the LasVegas Taxing district.

As you can see, these methods of search will provide you with an easy and quick way to get what you need in a few clicks.


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