Top Websites

  • Children’s Literature, Chiefly from the Nineteenth Century
    Organization: University of South Carolina (USC)

    This site displays selections from the University of South Carolina’s collection of children’s literature. View the books that children were reading over one hundred years ago and read about the popular authors of that century.

  • Leonardo da Vinci
    Organization: The British Library

    “Everyone has heard of the Mona Lisa, but less well-known than Leonardo’s painting are his notebooks. They show that he was a designer and scientist way beyond his time. He drew his visions of the airplane, the helicopter, the parachute, the submarine and the car. It was more than 300 years before many of his ideas were improved upon.” (THE BRITISH LIBRARY) Through his notebooks, this site explores the amazing life and work of Leonardo da Vinci.

  • Women of Our Time
    Organization: National Portrait Gallery

    This site “highlights a variety of American women of the twentieth century. These iconic images include studio portraits, glamorous publicity shots, press photographs, fashion photographs, advertising images, and amateur snapshots.” (NPG)