Top Websites

Although no Internet site can supplant a quality research database , these reviewed and vetted virtual resources offer unique information and interactive content that’s sure to be of interest to teachers and students.

  • Holiday Traditions
    Organization: Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

    This site provides an overview of Christmas customs practiced in various countries of the world. From Armenia to Wales, learn the Christmas greetings, decorations, and traditions of the holiday season.

  • Journey of Mankind: The Peopling of the World
    Organization: The Bradshaw Foundation | Stephen Oppenheimer

    “Who were our ancestors? From where did we originate? If we came out of Africa, what factors governed our routes? And when? Now finally this interactive map reveals this epic journey.” (The Bradshaw Foundation/Stephen Oppenheimer)

    Organization: Online Safety Project

    The Editor-in-Chief is Lawrence J. Magid, a syndicated columnist for the Los Angeles Times, who writes and speaks often about youth safety issues. Included on the site are reprints of Magid’s editorials. The site offers extensive information on protecting teenagers from the pernicious influences of the Internet. Included are links to other online resources on similar topics.


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