What does the “Call No.” mean in the Library catalog?

The “Call No.” is the location on the library shelves where you will find a book, DVD, etc. The Las Vegas – Clark County Library District uses what is called the Library of Congress (LC) Classification system.  This system uses letters and numbers to generate a unique “call number” or location the item can be found on the shelf. 

The University of Pittsburg has put together a handy tutorial to explain how to read and find items classified with LC. After explaining the structure of call numbers you will be asked to order 8 books on the book shelf. After each successful completion you can try it again with another set of books. Test your skills with the LC Classification Tutorial.



What’s in a name?

Two of our database produced by Grove are getting their name updated. Dictionary of Art and Dictionary of Music will now be called Grove Art Online and Grove Music Online. The old name dates back about 5 years ago when the databases where just the Dictionary of Art and the Dictionary of Music.  Over the years Grove has added additional resources to the database hence the name change. So remember to look under “G” instead of “D”  on
Databases A-Z for these great resources.