Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Global Road Warrior

Did you know that the Irish are considered somewhat less punctual and more relaxed about time than Europeans in general?  Did you know that Ireland has had a female President, Mary McAleese, since 1997? 


You can learn these facts and much more about Ireland and every other country in the Global Road Warrior database. 



This database was originally designed with world business travelers in mind but also contains a wealth of information useful to high school and college students researching other countries for school assignments. 


Travel section includes information on:


·        cell phones

·        satellite phones

·        using other electric appliances overseas

·        visas and passports

·        required immunizations

·        health warnings

·        embassies and consulates

·        cultural etiquette for businesswomen


Country information useful to students and travelers includes:


·        climate

·        culture

·        business culture

·        demographics, including advanced demographic data

·        money and banking

·        points of interest

·        security briefing (organized crime, social unrest, and travel warnings)

·        basic vocabulary of the major language spoken in that country


Note for students:  Global Road Warrior includes preformatted citations in APA and MLA format.


See also:  The CIA World Factbook.