Money Supply


Is it possible to have too much money? As individuals, there may be risks to having more money than we are used to spending (a problem few of us have right now), but in reality, the risks of having too much money are much higher for an economy as a whole. 


Recently, a friend asked me, “Why can’t the government just print more money to get the economy back on track?”  This is a very complicated question, though the short answer is that just “printing money” could lead to hyperinflation. 


The most recent example of hyperinflation comes from Zimbabwe.  Last year inflation peaked in Zimbabwe at 6.5 quindecillion novemdecillion percent per year!  Honestly, I didn’t make that number up.  (See source below.) This means prices doubled, on average, every single day.  I won’t give more of an explanation here of why the government can’t just print money.


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Source:  Hanke, S. (2008, December 22). THE PRINTING PRESS. Forbes, p. 106.