Superheroes Hit the Big Screen

watchmenComic book readers unite! The epic graphic novel Watchmen, considered a classic of its genre, hits theaters March 9. Written by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, Watchmen was first published in 1986-87 by DC Comics as a 12-issue series. In this first superhero comic aimed at adults, a ragtag group of ex-heroes, led by a vigilante named Rorschach, must reunite in order to save the free world.
Before heading to the movie, read the original comic and let’s us know what you think by leaving a review or reserve the Watchmen Motion Picture Soundtrack coming soon to a library near you.

Read the critical essay Moore and Gibbons’s Watchmen: Exact Personifications of Science by Brent Fishbaugh.
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Read a biography of Alan Moore in Biography Resource Center.