Olympic Winter Games of 2010

The Olympic Winter Games will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, from February 12-28. To coincide with this event,  explore and learn about the Canadian province of British Columbia.


For Teachers:

Learning Activity (Grades K-5)

Introduce the activity by discussing the concept of the Olympic Games (see http://www.olympic.org). Spend some time discussing what qualities and conditions a city, province, or country must meet in order to be chosen to host the Olympic Games.

Separate students into groups and have each group read through the Provinces Edition British Columbia report. Pay particular attention to the sections that describe the factors that make it a good choice for the Winter Games (e.g., the Climate and Geography sections) as well as British Columbia’s unique cultural and historical aspects (e.g., the Cultural Burst and Totem Poles sections) that might play a role during the Vancouver Olympic Games.

Have each group summarize and present their findings. As a class, discuss what students have learned about British Columbia, and why Vancouver was chosen to host the 2010 Games.

As an extension activity, have students discuss whether or not they think their state has a suitable city to host the Olympics, either the Winter or Summer Games.

  • What would make it a good place?
  • What would be some of its drawbacks?
  • Have students write a letter to the International Olympic Committee, explaining why their state should or should not host the Olympic Games.
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